Food, flowers and a garden swing

You could hear it from afar. The metal garden swing, sitting on the stone pavement laid out in the garden of my grandparents. Thin grass grew between the stone slabs, but did nothing to prevent the swing from giving up its creaky sound. The heavier the ones swinging back and forth were, the less it … Continue reading Food, flowers and a garden swing

“Fika” and mindfulness

I can’t pick anymore. My back hurts. He's ten years old. Just now, he stood, fully focused. Bent over the wild strawberries, picking them carefully between his thumb and forefinger. Berries so small, bursting with sweet taste. He was careful not to press too hard. Gently tugging them from the stem, putting them whole in … Continue reading “Fika” and mindfulness

Looking in

On my way to Helsinki to take part in a festival about digital narratives, my thoughts go back to my roots. Finland is part of where I come from. But Finland is not part of my self-lived narrative which makes it a bit complicated. Finland is the silence, that was part of my childhood, like … Continue reading Looking in